Remote Device for BAS-12 or BAS-220 / BAS-R

Code: BAS-R

This is a spare smart remote device which works well with Master Strike Door Opener of BAS-12 or BAS-220 as well as rest of other brands’ remote system. Compatible with all smart remotes.

Remote Device for BAS-12 or BAS-220

Code: BAS-R

It is produced as a remote control of the Master Smart Opener of BAS-12 or BAS-220. However, it is compatible with all smart controllers.

For Master Smart Openers to be used with the remote, this must be the first remote. Because other remotes will not be able to pair Master Smart Openers.

After this remote is paired with the Master Smart Opener, it can be duplicated with any available smart remotes if additional duplication is desired.


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