Re-Codable Access Key / K-GA

Code: K-GA

This product is like smart cards. It has a code that comes with it that can be paired with other systems i.e. toll gates for your workplace or for your apartment entrance, etc. This version of the access key can be recoded unlike the other product which is fixed coded.

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Re-Codable Access Key

Code: K-GA

It’s time to meet with the smart cards and the technology that will make your life easier. It allows you to open your apartment door and all the other doors with a single card or electronic card. Access Keychains are used and copied like smart cards. The working and copying logic are the same.

USAGE AREAS: It can be used in the main doors of apartments, tourniquet systems, the main entrance of a complex, from the main doors of factories to the data processing rooms. These access keys can be coded via using a remote manufactured for this purpose.


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