Master Door Latch Protection / KDK-007

Code: KDK-007

This product protects your door latch by blocking it with metal and plastic pieces each place one on the striker plate and the other to opposite to it, making it almost impossible to open using cards or similar objects which are one of the easiest and most preferred ways used to break in somewhere.
Also, it will be a destroyer of “cancelling service calls” for locksmith masters.

Master Door Latch Protection

Code: KDK-007

No more cancellation calls that you’ll have it while you’re trying to reach your service destination. After applied this magnificent product to a customer’s door when the door is closed the metal and plastic pieces will be intertwined. Then, the latch will be unreachable to penetrate it by any means. In future if your customer lost the key or else, you will be called to open the door. But, this time you can make sure the service call won’t cancelled while you’re heading towards to address.

You can convince your customer to apply this protection apparatus to their door by explaining product will stop all the burglary by opening the door latch by mean of plastics or a piece of cans. Your customer will feel and be safe like their door is locked although it might just close. This is an extraordinary product that can be installed easily.

When the door is closed the metal and plastic pieces will be intertwined. Then, nobody can reach the latch to penetrate it. So, when you close your door, it will behave like a locked door. Our product is made as self-adhesive. It can be installed without using screw. So, the Master Door Latch Protection is at service of both locksmith masters and its last users.


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