Master Technical Design Ltd has been leading the locksmith masters and door security industry with elegant designs since 1991. 

Our company meets the needs of the sector with a wide range of products by enriching the tools and apparatus it produces with innovations. 

Our R&D studies are closely followed by industry employees and locksmith masters. Thus, the demands and needs of the craftsmen also determine the products to be produced. The interest of the masters in our products also ensures that our company is constantly active and efficient. In this way, our company has reached a scale to be able to compete with its competitors worldwide. 

“With the work of the tool the hand becomes proud” 


To create a strong company that is an international brand in the production of craftsmanship tools and equipment that our colleagues need, with the principles of high quality and economic price in the products needed by the sector, by using the machinery and production capability resources of our country. 


Creating value for our customers, our partners in commercial activities and our country, 

Uncompromising on quality, worthy of trust and constantly improving itself, 

Using resources in the most efficient way, 

Aiming to maintain an environment where talents are developed in a good working environment, teamwork is encouraged, and employees feel valued. 

To be a company that aims to establish stable and long-term business relationships with our customers and strives for the preservation and development of all these principles.