Hygienic Door Handle Set / HDH-01

Code: HDH-01

This product helps to decrease the amount of contact made with door handles which is well known to be used a lot in our daily lives. It is specially designed to help use your elbows to open and close doors. We especially advise our product to be used in public places like hospitals, schools work, places, etc.

Hygienic Door Handle Set

Code: HDH-01

Covid-19 still effect our daily life since it began. Major concern of people is not to contact each other. The main hesitation of preventing contact by somebody else is holding the door handle. Because of this concern some people is trying even funny things to not touching the door by their own hand. You can now open doors without the need to touch with your hands. After installing this hygienic door to your regular door handle, you can use your elbow instead of your hand. It is made of good quality aluminum material. It can be used on any door handle with ease. This product is sold as two pieces: the interior and exterior handle. But, it can be bought separately, as well.


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