Professional Car Pick Full Set / PRO-50

Code: PRO-50

Professional Car Lock Pick Set provides great convenience in opening different models of cars. Carrying case made by a specail fabric. Thanks to its very rich variety of car pick tools. You will achieve great success in your business with this set

Professional Car Pick Full Set

Code: PRO-50

PRO-50 set from Master Pick Ltd is a comprehensive pre-packed tool kit for vehicle locksmiths containing all the items related for car door entry including: short & long bars & hooks, flexible & lasso openers, light probe and chock wedges. The set is supplied in a convenient carry case with tool dividers, zip closure, external pocket & carry handle.

Set Contains:
OM-01 Narrow Car Opener Bar
OM-02 Car Opener Bar
OM-03 Wide Car Opener Bar
OM-10 Vertical Hook
OM-11 Upturned Hook
OM-12U Long Back-looking Hook
OM-15 Long Bar
OM-22 Large Double `L`
OM-23 Short Double `L`
OM-24 Short Bar
OM-50K Flexible Auto Lasso Opener (1,0m)
OM-50 Flexible Auto Lasso Opener (1,5m)
OM-60K Flexible Auto Opener (1,0m)
OM-60 Flexible Auto Opener (1.5m)
TK-01,02 Plastic Chock (Thin & Thick)
KZ-01 Protective Plastic Envelope
ASD-60 Locksmith Car Light Probe
GT-X High Security full auto set
PL-15 Plastic Crowbar

• Designed to open vehicle doors
• All car locksmith related picks and tools
• Zippered special fabric carry bag


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