Master Electric Strike Door Opener / BAS-220

Code: BAS-220

This product is electric strike door opener that can be applied to doors with a spring latch system. This system can lock itself after being opened even it’s not opened (after 5 seconds of period).

Master Electric Strike Door Opener

Code: BAS-220

The electric strike door opener system, which operates with 220 volts, is designed for doors that close with a spring latch. When the automatic door buzzer is pressed, it briefly pushes the lock latch forward and holds it for 5 seconds. Thus, allowing the door to open. When the 5-second period is over, it cuts the force it exerts to keep the tongue forward and the door tongue re-enters its slot, making your door safe. Unlike its counterparts on the market, this system does not require the mechanism to be opened and re-set like a mainspring. In this way, if no one will open the door when the door buzzer is pressed, your door will be automatically closed after 5 seconds.

For the product to work smoothly, the door mechanics must be a problem-free, its installation and electrical connections must be made correctly. We recommend that you seek professional help for installation.


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