Zembil Sharpening Machine / Z5-60

Code: Z5-60

This product is a multifunctional sharpening machine it is compatible with discs that have different types of ratios and widths. it can be used to tarp in any kind of trailer cutter or shredding tools it can also be used for dry sharpening with ceramic sandpaper.

Zembil Sharpening Machine

Code: Z5-60

“The preference of the professional sharpener master”

It is a multi-functional sharpening machine. Many apparats can be inserted to it. It is compatible to the disks that have different ratios and widths. You can sharpen any kind of driller, cutter, shredder tools. It can do a dry sharper with ceramic sandpaper. When desired, your product can be sharpened by immersing it in water and cooling it.


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