Snap Cylinder Ring Pliers / MSP-95

Code: MSP-95

Snap Circlip Pliers is an alternative product that can be used for opening-closing the lock rings inside the cylinders during master key making. It is made of stainless material and is a very useful and long-lasting product thanks to its special plastic handle.

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Snap Cylinder Ring Pliers

Code: MSP-95

This product can be used when many different components need to be opened or replaced in key making operations. It is especially ideal for opening the circlip inside cylinders. It can be difficult, and sometimes even impossible, to open the lock circlip with normal pliers. But with this specially designed Snap Ring Pliers, this process becomes much easier and faster.

In addition, this product is also ideal for people who want to produce master keys. By using the Cylinder Removal Saddle and Snap Circlip Pliers together, master key making operations can be performed much faster and more efficiently.

Thanks to the spring added to the arms of the product, it provides great convenience to the users. The plastic handle fits snugly in the user’s hand and provides a non-slip grip. In addition, the fact that it is made of stainless material increases the durability of the product.


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