Wall Key Stand / MKS-100

Code: MKS-100

This product is a 50 x 100 cm sized wall stand that can be displayed small products as well as blank keys. Easy to use and provides great convenience for shop owners.

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Wall Key Stand

Code: MKS-100

Master Technic Ltd has created a highly specialized stand for store owners. The most important design for locksmith shops is to display various types of blank keys visibly. Otherwise, it can be challenging to find the blank key we are looking for among various types of keys.

Some locksmiths solve this problem by placing plates on walls and placing nails and screws at certain intervals. They can display all their key stocks by hanging various keys on these nails. But this system is very tiring. Once installed, it is never possible to make any changes to it.

This product eliminates all problems. It is a modular product designed in dimensions of 50 x 100 cm. It comes with 100 plastic hangers that you can place according to your own preference. Two color options are available: black and red. The stand with black plastic hangers is provided with the red stand, and the stand with red plastic hangers is provided with the black stand.

It is easy to use and provides great convenience to store owners.


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