Full Automatic Key Cutting Machine for Yale Type / YM-75

Code: YM-75

It is a full automatic keys duplicator. It cuts very precisely and works at the same speed in all directions. It is very easy to use, so no individual skills are required.

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Full Automatic Key Cutting Machine for Yale Type

Code: YM-75

It copies automobile keys, Yale type house keys and cross lock keys automatically. It works rapidly and provides the same velocity while moving forward and backwards. Also provides you to get a result practically.

Deburring works on the cutting part together with the wire brush, preventing you from wasting time. It leaves you no doubt about its sensitivity.

With this model of the KURT machine that coded YM-75, you can be assured that you will get a result both economically and practically. You can easily teach it to your employees and cut any kind of key with no need of individual skills.


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