Zembil Sharpening Machine / Z-4X4

Code: Z-4X4

This product is a machine that can sharpen different tools and materials in various ways thanks to its four discs designed for different functions. Additionally, it has the option of using ceramic sandpaper for a dry sharpening method. Its versatility makes it a great addition to any workshop or tool collection.

Zembil Sharpening Machine

Code: Z-4X4

This is a machine that has many uses as it can sharpen various tools by attaching them to the machine using discs of different sizes. It’s designed for sharpening activities such as cutting, chopping, drilling, and shredding. This machine is great for professionals who do sharpening jobs frequently. It works particularly well for butcher knives, sheep shearing knives and combs. Moreover, this machine can also do dry sharpening with ceramic sandpaper and comes with two spare abrasives and deburring polishes.

It has a total weight of 30 kg and has twin engines, one is 0.75 kW and the other is 0.25 kW.


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