Orion Lithium Ion Battery-5C / P-18650

Code: P-18650

Orion 18650 is a rechargeable Li-ion battery with 3.7 volt output and 1500 mAh capacity.

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Orion Lithium Ion Battery-5C

Code: P-18650

Orion 18650 Lithium Ion Battery is a rechargeable 5C battery.

Voltage: 3.7 volts
Capacity: 15000 mAh
Size: 65mm x 18mm

What is a Lithium Ion Battery?

(3.7 volts) They are frequently preferred in new technology devices. The biggest feature is that they are small and light, with high current and high voltage. Li-Ion batteries can be kept waiting after being charged like Ni-Cd batteries and they do not lose capacity in a short time.

It is a dangerous type of battery in misuse. Since Lithium Ion batteries contain high capacity, they must be carefully charged and protected. They should never be exposed to direct sun and should not be opened. There is a risk of explosion and fire when opened. It should be kept away from children.


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