Cylinder Circlip Pliers / MSP-90

Code: MSP-90

Specially designed Circlip Pliers are an alternative product that can be used for opening-closing the lock circlip inside the cylinders during master key making. Due to its stainless material and special plastic handle, it is a useful and long-lasting product.

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Cylinder Circlip Pliers

Code: MSP-90

It is a specially designed product that can be used in the process of opening and tightening the lock ring, which you cannot do with a pliers during master key making or disassembly-assembly of the cylinders. Thanks to the Cylinder removal tool and Circlip Pliers, master key production can be done easily.

It is a specially designed product with no alternatives. It is made of stainless material by cutting in laser systems and is very resistant to abrasion and rusting. Special plastic handle provides convenience to the user.


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