Manual Safe Box Pick / KM-16

Code: KM-16


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Manual Safe Box Pick

Code: KM-16

It is used to open steel money boxes. It consists of two interlocking independent parts.

The manual safe box is designed to open standard and levered safe locks. Pick and tension go together. Therefore, while trying to align the passwords with one independent part, the other independently moving part is used for tensioning. According to the preference of the locksmith master who knows the structure of the lock, the pick ends vary.

In order for the product to be durable, it is produced in one piece of steel material on CNC cutting benches.

The material purposely chosen to serve for a long time. Since it is produced from steel raw material, the tension is quite strong.

The hardness ratio is very well adjusted. Thus, the craftsmen can thread and shape the product as they wish on their own key machines, if they need it.


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