Professional Car Opener Large Set / PRO-X3

Code: PRO-X3

Professional Car Lock Pick Set provides great convenience in opening different models of cars. The carrying case of the set has been redesigned. Thanks to its rich variety which has contained many of the car pick tools. You will achieve great success in your business with this set.

Professional Car Opener Large Set

Code: PRO-X3

The PRO-X3  from Master Pick Ltd is a comprehensive pre-packed tool kit for vehicle locksmiths containing most of pick tools and opening rods for car door entry, including: short – long bars & hooks, flexible & lasso openers, light probe and chock wedges.
The kit is supplied in a convenient carry case with wheels.

Set Contains:
Code: OM-01   Narrow Car Opener Bar
Code: OM-02   Opener Bar
Code: OM-03   Wide Car Opener Bar
Code: OM-10   Vertical Car Hook
Code: OM-12U   Long Backward Hook
Code: OM-13   Long Vertical Hook
Code: OM-15   Car Stick
Code: OM-22   Wide Double “L”
Code: OM-23   Narrow Double “L”
Code: OM-24   Short Rod
Code: TK-01,02 Plastic Chock (Thin & Thick)
Code: ASD-60   Lighting Probe
Code: HY-10  Air Wedge
Code: PL-15   Plastic Crowbar
Code: OM-60K   Short Flexible Car Opener
Code: OM-60   Flexible Car Opener
Code: OM-60U   Long Flexible Car Opener
Code: OM-50  Car Lasso Opener
Code: OM-50K  Car Lasso Opener
Code: KZ-01 Protective Plastic Envelope

• Designed for opening vehicle doors
• Large variety tools for vehicle locksmiths
• Many tools can be easily transported with its sturdy case with wheels


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