Rosette Cracker Head & Disc / RKP-3HD

Code: RKP-3HD

It is the head and the adjustment disc that do the function of the Rosette Crusher.

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Rosette Cracker Head & Disc

Code: RKP-3HD

The Rosette Crusher is comprised of two essential components: the Breaker Head and the Adjustment Disc. The outer portion of the Adjustment Disc is fashioned from a specially formulated aluminum alloy, while the inner layer is constructed from steel. Meanwhile, the Rosette Breaker is skillfully crafted using top-quality materials and features a unique, protective covering.

This component grasps the inner edges of the rosette hole, and with the help of the Adjustment Disc with a few vigorous shakes, the Rosette Breaker will crush and destroy rosette screws, allowing for easy removal.


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