Dimple Lock Manual Pick Set (MBS-11)

Code: MBS-11

Manual apparatus for unlocking dimple lock door!
It will not damage the door and the lock during the locksmithing operation. The manual dimple lock picking requires a bit more effort than the electropick one.
Different selection keys are included in this set. Because a single pick key must be used for a particular lock. Works with a pick designed for the brand’s lock.

Dimple Lock Manual Pick Set
Code: MBS-11

An alternative tool for opening dimple locked!
It is now very easy to open dimple lock cylinders with the special opening pick key attached to the end of this manual opening device!
It does not damage the door or the lock during the locksmith process. Compared to the cordless tool, the unlocking operation takes longer.
Many different selection switches are included in this set. Because different pull keys are produced according to different channel profiles and password ranges of different locks.

This set includes:

  • 11 pieces of Dimple Pick Keys
  • 1 Fiyam Pick
  • 1 Magnetized Pick Holder
  • 2 packs of spare wires
  • 2 packs of Aluminum foils
  • Spare Makita battery
  • Makita charger

* Supplied with a specially manufactured case


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