GP Gold Spare Battery (GP-4.8) 


Due to their high safety and long feedback durability, these nickel metal hydride batteries are an ideal energy choice for industrial applications.


CODE: FF-04 #1 … #5

NiMH Battery General Features

Industrial Batteries GP Gold Pack

NİMH 130AAM 4.8V Min. 1300 mAh Standard Load Quartet 4*1.2 = 4.8 Volt

Generally, with a high security and long feedback durability; nickel metal hydride (NiMH) piles are devices that consumes energy highly, and it is especially appropriate for people who needs to change the piles frequently. It is an ideal selection of energy for industrial applications.

With the NiMH piles, starting from the defense industry that requires an emergency call, all lighting, telecommunications, industrial appliances and household appliances, in fact, this technology offers you a wide range of products to meet any special need for storable energy.According to your desire, you can use it in combinations including 1.2 Volt or double 2.4 Volt by using them one by one. The product that you are examining, is 4.8 Volt and bonded as quartet: and it is 1200mAh.

Product Features:

  • General use and applicability. This product is 4 -Piece connected for EM-04 cordless
  • Monkeys’ extensibility with parallel connection for different sizes of power and force requirement.
  • Production and packaging technology in accordance with high safety standard.
  • Long life and recycling. Eco-friendly raw material. 16 hours at.


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