Tilting Window Opener (TWA-01)

Code: TWA-01

It is It is designed to open tilted windows from outside.

Locksmiths who go to the service prefer to enter through the window if there is an open window, instead of doing locksmith work on the door, as it is more harmless and easier.

Although it does not seem possible to open fully as half-open windows with outside intervention. This product will let you do it much easier.

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Tilting Window Opener

Code: TWA-01

It is designed to open tilted windows from outside.

One of the issues that locksmiths pay attention to when they go to the service is whether the place has an open window. Because, entering through a gap or an open window will be easier and more harmless than opening the door. Particularly, the probability of finding half-open windows is quite high. This product will help you a lot to enter the house from the window by opening the semi-open tilted windows fully and will help you reach your goal.

It is not possible to open the windows that are kept half open from the outside. In order for the window left open by tilting to open normally, the window must first be brought to the fully closed position. Then the handle should be rotated to the horizontal position while the window is in the vertical position. Otherwise, the window cannot be opened.

Although it does not seem possible to perform these operations from the outside, these operations are possible with this product.

When the window is in the half-open position, our opening device is placed on the window handle located in the space next to the window. Then, the window is closed by pulling it outwards with the help of the suction cup. Then the ribbon attached to the apparatus is pulled like a tow rope and power is supplied to the apparatus. Thus, the apparatus attached to the window handle returns the window handle to its normal open position. The half-open window opens easily from the outside.


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