Namable Steel Badge for Special Requests (MCR-06S)


This product is a steel badge that can be named using a laser engraver. (There must be at least 60 pieces to make orders)

Namable Steel Badge for Special Requests


Easy installation in two minutes!

Our new patented product has a feature that can be easily installed. It is very strong product since it has six screws. The six pieces of smart screws (self-drilling screw) are included in this package.

> Text or logo can be written according to your request.

> The minimum order amount must be 60 pieces.


Master Rosette consisted of 2 (two) smart screw. The lower part of the Master Rosette is screwed to the door while the cylinder is mounted on the door. Before installing the top lid, the lock is removed from its slot. After the top lid is screwed for installation, the demounted lock cylinder is mounted again. Thus, the lock cylinder prevents the top part from being demounted by screwing it.


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